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Club Membership Dues
Dues are required to help offset the operating costs of running the organization. All participants are required to be paid in full before the season starts. The costs are as follows:
Contact football       $280.00                                         
Payment of club dues along with a signed fundraiser participation form place the member in good standing. All Drill, Cheer and Mascot member will be provided a Saturday performance uniform, insurance, field equipment, team and individual photos. All football players will be provided a helmet, protective pads, practice pants and a game uniform. Both boys and girls are responsible for their own shoes. A post season awards banquet and a trophy.will also be provided for everyone that participates for the entire season.
Additional related club expenses that directly benefit the members such as, but not limited to, are:
Storage facilities rental and maintenance, a lighted practice field, meeting rooms, postage,
office supplies, all practice and game field equipment, supplies, maintenance and usage fees,
park fees, health department fees, portable restroom facility costs, shipping costs,
along with many other expenses incurred by the club will be covered.
Fundraisers and Sponsorships
Membership dues only cover approximately 1/3 of operating expenses each season. Fundraisers and external sponsorships make up the difference required to provide our members with a high standard of quality merited by our community youth. It is extremely important that everyone contributes to each fundraising activity to help offset the other 2/3 of the expenses.
Drill/Cheer members will incur additional expenses for the annual Driil/Cheer Competition. These expenses are NOT covered by membership dues. Competition expenses are the responsibility of the parents, however, successful fundraising campaigns may defray these costs significantly
if not elliminate them entirely.
Celebrating over 20 years of serving the youth in our community!
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